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Looking for the best Coffee Shop Ao Nang has to offer, where you can relax with a coffee, or loose leaf tea, eat great food at your leisure or stop by for a cocktail or glass of wine. Come to Cafe8. We have free wifi and the daily papers, and we also serve and all day breakfast/brunch menu that you will love. If you are in a rush you can even order to go, but we would love you to hang around a while. Have you tried the cheesecake yet?

We bring a little bit of New York to Ao Nang, Krabi. What does that mean? Think Tribeca coffee shop in Thailand. Cafe8 is comfortable, trendy, chilled and plays an on trend date playlist. Take a load off, unwind, bring your friends, read the paper. Relax! We even have an air con areas where you can cool off on a hot day with a fresh juice or smoothie.

About Us






A little bit of New York

in Ao Nang

Cafe8, the coffee shop Ao Nang locals love, serves the best coffee! We fly our coffee beans in every week from Bangkok and use the famous Peter’s Coffee beans. We serve a mean espresso, or for an extra kick after dinner try one of our coffee cocktails, they are divine! We also serve a wonderful selection of loose leaf teas.

We are all about the produce too. We use locally grown salad and we even home bake our own pastries. (Try our amazing cinnamon rolls) We’re about quality food and drink all the way. Cafe8 is the best coffee shop and relaxed dining restaurant in Ao Nang. Period.

About Us

All Day Breakfast


all day breakfast




We serve the best Arabacia coffee Thailand has to offer. Our coffee is made from freshly roasted beans flown from Bangkok every week. Peter’s Coffee Company, Bangkok is dedicated to roasting only the finest select beans from around the world. They produce some of the finest, tastiest coffees in the world and that is why we use them.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, Peter’s Coffee’s unique roasting process uses 1st grade Arabica coffee beans, so this is the king of coffee. Exceeding customer expectations every time and we love how it makes all our coffee taste.


Pasta and Salad


Baked on the Premises


Best Pasta Ao Nang

We serve the best pasta Ao Nang has to offer so you can eat like you’re in your local Italian. Our salads and pasta are FRESH, with a capital F!! Don’t compromise on taste – it’s all about the ingredients, down to the best Parmesan, the rocket and the croutons.

The beef is the best from Oz, the cream is fresh and the salad leaves are delivered from our local lady everyday. We have even picked a superb extra virgin olive oil. Where else can you get a spaghetti bolognese made from steak? And our carbonara is the business. We even put poached egg in the middle. Delizioso!






Best Burger


packed with flavour

dine with us

Steak, Fish, Burger

We’ve prepared a fabulous ‘go to’ menu of western dishes, prepared with love, from us to you – down to the homemade BBQ sauce and salad on the side. Our steak, fish, burger and fried chicken are to die for. Our burger may be the best burger Ao Nang has to offer.

Sirloin steak, pan roasted sea bass, and Mexican-flavored like Chicken fajitas. We kinda have everything including your mama’s meatballs. (kids only  though, coz it’s a kids’ menu thing!)  You can even order to go. Home from home!



American and French





Cheesecake & more

Our Ao Nang desserts menu is a go to list of classic favorites; brownies, cheesecake, tart, mousse cake, and ice cream sundae… all prepared in our kitchen by a cook with some real ‘know how.’ The ingredients are of course all the finest and we bake with some soul!

Here is the thing about desserts…. you can have them for dessert, or you can have them to go with your coffee, or you can just order a dessert by itself – or 2 desserts, just because you can! Cafe8 have a totally divine dessert menu, and they are all home made on the premises – with love from us to you.




rum, vodka & coffee cocktails




USA finest imports

Enjoy the best Californian wine Ao Nang has to offer. We’ve created a perfect little wine list, an awesome cocktail menu, and a great selection of spirits, liqueurs, cider & beer. Relax! Ao Nang is all about chilling & enjoyment. Have you tried on of our famous coffee cocktails? We also have a great selection of rum and vodka cocktails like the famous Lemongrass-chili Martini.

We import quality Californian wine from Napa Valley and Alexander Valley, especially for you lovely folks in Ao Nang (and sometimes for a cheeky glass ourselves!) Why not have a glass during the famous Ao Nang sundown or share a bottle with your meal.


A Little Bit of New York in Ao Nang

a little bit of New York

In Ao Nang